Monday, October 12, 2015

Mary Kay Discount on Cosmetics ***How to get yours today***

Welcome to the Pink Beauty Gallery!

I'm your  wonderful friend Latrice and I wanted to write today how you can get Mary Kay at a discounted rate.

Since I get this one question on a regular I decided to make a post on it just for you since you are here and most likely searched How to get a Mary Kay Discount.

So you have two options.....

1. Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! Did you know that all Mary Kay Beauty Consultant's gets to purchase products at 50% off retail prices? I normally recommend this to my customers that makes large purchases.

What you get for joining Mary Kay?

a. The Mary Kay Discount!!!!! 50%
b. Over $400 in products to use for yourself for only $100

2. Become a Preferred Hostess with Mary Kay. By becoming one of my very special Preferred Hostesses you can score FREE products by selling items to your friends. Simply hand out my book receive $350 in orders and get $100 bucks retail to spend on yourself.

So, how would you like your discount?

Call or Text me to get started today 469-693-3335



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